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The Hospital Management and the entire staff of Embangweni Mission Hospital Congratulate the two staff members Phillip Masasa and Mirriam Nyirenda. The two have been selected to Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) in the capital city of Lilongwe.

Phillip is currently the hospital Nurse Midwife Technician(NMT) .

Mirriam is a Medical Assistant (MA) who also heads one of our health centers named Mabiri.
Phillip will pursue Diploma in Anaesthesia and Intensive care whilst Mirriam will do Diploma in Clinical Opthalmology.

Phillip will eventually improve care in our operating theatre . Upon finishing , he will be working there as an Anaesthetist . Anaesthetists can be difficult to find and above all to keep them . Training our own will be a great achievement .
Mirriam too is expected to improve the shaping up eye department at the hospital .The hospital has never had an eye personnel for so long . Upon finishing , she will be expected to diagnose and manage  different eye problems in our catchment area of around 100 000 people .

”It can only be God ”,said Mirriam in her reaction to the selection.

”I came out successful in the interview i attended Doc”, wrote Phillip to the Hospital director Dr Kondwani Adamson Zgambo.

It is our prayer that the two will excel in their studies and make a difference at the main facility eventually .

No health facility can do better if it has no well qualified staff.

We say congratulations !